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Orange Massage Oil - 150 ml bottle

Indicated for massage, it performs a draining action and fights the relaxation of the tissues

Orange foam bath

Cleanses thoroughly and naturally

Olio Viso Intensivo ai Pepdi 30ml - BioNatural

O l i o v i s o i n t e n s i v o a d a z i o n e anti-age che aiuta a conservare la levigatezza e la compattezza d e l ...

Olio corpo mosto d'uva

Bionatural Ischia: E' un olio secco per il corpo al profumo di mosto d'uva.

Nourishing face cream - tube of 30ml

This is a soothing and delicate cream, ideal for a nutritive support

Nourishing face cream - jar of 100 ml

This is a soothing and delicate cream, ideal for a nutritive support

Normal and combination skins day cream 250 ml

Specific for normal and combination or oily skin.

Neutral massage cream - jar of 300ml

In addition to the benefits of the other massage creams this one does not have any fragrance

Multifunctional limon and kiwi hydrating cream - jar of100 ml

A soft and light textured cream for face skin

Multifunctional body cream with orange and mandarin in thermal water - 200 ml

Fluid body cream typified by a fresh and delicate perfume

Multi vitaminic energising cream - jar of 50 ml

This is a newly developed powerfully acting cosmetic for tired, dull and dehydrated face skin

Moisurising cream Damian 250 ml

Particularly recommended for mature skins that need to be stimulated and slow down the aging process.

Moisturizing Fluid Cream - 200 ml bottle

Beauty treatment for the body that gives a complete and delicate hydration

Moisturising Revitalising Facemask “Delphis” 50ml

Moisturising and revitalising facemask for face, neck and shoulders.

Moisturising gel-mask - jar of 100ml

For a soft and fresh skin