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High Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ 50 ml

High protection sun cream particularly suitable for sensitive, delicate and clear skin, also ideal for children.

Hydra Cream

Multiactive day cream suitable for all skin types that require a special and deep moisturising action.

Indian Spice Bioenergetic Massage Oil - 500ml

Ideal for all kinds of massages and all skin types

Intensive Nutri Serum

Anti-age serum that nourishes the skin and has a moisturising effect.

Ischia Fresh “After Shave”

The thermal components for this product do not represent a limit of use, because this water is rich of mineral salts.

Ischia fresh “freshness”

Cosmetic rich of mineral salts and natural elements.

Ischia Fresh “Freshness” 200 ml

Cosmetic rich of mineral salts and natural elements. 200 ml

Ischia fresh “freshness” 50 ml

Cosmetic rich of mineral salts and natural elements. 50 ml

Ischia Thermal Dol 200 ml

Ischia Thermal Dol cream is a natural remedy against joint and muscle pain.

Jaluronic Gel with Grape Juice 250ml

A highly moisturizing and revitalizing treatment where the freshness of the gel combines with the silkiness of the ...

Kit Antioxidant with Goji Berries

Antioxidant cream with Goji berries. Face scrub with Goji berries. Face grapes mud mask.

Kit Beauty Routine

Kit per la detersione e cura della pelle del viso. Composto da Latte Detergente, Tonico Termale e Maschera viso a ...

Kit Body

Kit composto da 2 prodotti a scelta tra Ice gel gambe, Crema Anticellulite “H”, Crema Rassodante Antiaridità e Scrub ...

Kit Care

Kit composto da Crema Corpo (Limone, Mango, Papaya, Latte, Nature e Vaniglia) e a scelta Ischia Thermal “DOL” o Scrub ...

Kit Corpo Shower

Kit ideale per detergere, idratare e nutrire la pelle del corpo. Le combinazioni sono disponibili in tutte le fragranze ...