Mandarini bio ischiaMandarini Bio Ischia
Mandarini bio ischia
Mandarini bio ischia
Mandarini bio ischia
Mandarini bio ischia
Mandarini bio ischia
Mandarini bio ischia
1 kg

Organic Ischian Tangerines 1kg

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Original organic mandarins orange from the island of Ischia.
Pick from the tree after your order and ship immediately.

Product Available Date: 2024-11-16

Ischia is a fertile land for citrus fruits, it is one of the hottest areas in Europe. As early as the sixteenth century, Ischia was famous for the products of its fertile land, citrus fruits were considered the gold of Ischia.

Here, thanks to the typical microclimate of the area and the volcanic soils, mandarins rich in juice and mineral salts are born. They have a unique taste, color and health and vitamin properties in the world.

In addition to being valuable for nutrition, tangerines are an excellent natural energy supplement.

Each season has its colors and scents, but in Ischia in autumn and winter the citrus trees are rich in colors and scents. Without using chemicals to accelerate their artificial maturation or wax them.
You already know us: we keep the tangerines on the tree, in a 100% natural way, in November the tangerines can still be slightly green, because they have not yet reached full maturity, but they are still excellent to be consumed.

The tangerines are harvested directly from the trees at the time of order, packaged and shipped the same day.


Friday, 27 November 2020
Mandarini squisiti, li ricomprerò sicuramente!
Tuesday, 05 November 2019
Succosi freschi e profumati, complimenti!
Mauro Marzorati