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Scrub PapayaScrub Papaya

Scrub Papaya

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Scrub Papaya
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200 ml

Eliminates the most superficial layer of dead cells and skin impurities in an extremely delicate but complete way. It is a complete and targeted beauty treatment for impeccable skin, which immediately makes it smoother, softer and more compact.

Instructions for use: used regularly a couple of times a week, prevents and helps to eliminate, stains, roughness and thickening of the skin. Starting from the tip of the feet, massage a veil of cream on dry skin, insisting on the roughest spots and remove with sponges and water or a hot shower. Also suitable for the delicate epidermis of the face. Apply once or twice a week after cleansing, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage the skin with circular movements of the fingers for 1-2 minutes. Remove residues with cotton soaked in a tonic suitable for the type of skin.


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