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Cuore Verde cl 70

Obtained only from strictly selected raw materials according to criteria of excellence, we love this cream for its ...

Brivido d'Ischia - 50cl

With its original color and perfectly blended taste to create a complex, intense and delicate bouquet, the "Brivido ...

A Rucola dello Scapriccio - 20cl

A Rucola dello Scapriccio produced from a real infusion of wild rocket gives it a delicate taste, releasing a bitter ...

Ceramic sugar bowl

Hand painted sugar bowl 100% Made in Italy with red grape pattern.

Oval tray

100% Made in Italy hand painted tray with green border grape decoration.

Oval tray

100% Made in Italy hand painted tray with grape and lemon decoration on blue background.

Coffee cup

Coffee cup hand painted 100% Made in Italy with lemons decoration and yellow background.

Piperna Smile 200 gr.

Milk chocolates filled with A’Piperna dello Scapriccio bitter cream.

A Rucola by Scapriccio - 70cl

Liquor of Rucola - Bottle of 70cl

Rocket liqueur - 50cl bottle

Rocket liqueur - 50cl bottle

1/2 Moon Napkin Holder in Ceramic

1/2 moon napkin holder made and hand painted 100% Made in Italy with blue and red grape pattern.

Ceramic parrot

Red parrot of 100% artisanal production.

Ceramic olive holder

Hand painted olive holder and toothpick 100% Made in Italy with embossed blue and olive border pattern.

Product Available Date: 2021-09-30

A' Piperna dello Scapriccio - 70cl - Limited Edition

Piperna - Bottle of 70cl - Limited Edition

A' Piperna by Scapriccio - 70cl

Piperna - Bottiglia da 70cl

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