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Rocket and lemon risotto

Flavored risotto handcrafted ready in just 15 min. Tasty and genuine

Lemon coffee 200 gr

Ideal for breakfast and sweet garnish

Soft fruit candies "Le Giuggiole" 150 gr

Delicious fruit gummy candies

Soft ginger and lemon candy 200gr

Soft gummy candies covered with ginger and lemon flavored sugar

Chocolates filled with "Perle d'Ischia" melon cream

Delicious handcrafted chocolates filled with melon cream

Soft nougat with lemon

Delicious soft artisan nougat with lemon and almonds

Soft nougat with citrus fruits

Nougat with citrus and almonds

Soft nougat with figs

Delicious soft artisan nougat with figs and almonds

Soft nougat with pistachio and lemon

Delizioso torrone morbido artigianale al limone e pistacchio

Soft nougat with sponge cake and limoncello

Nougat sponge cake and limoncello

"Il Biscottino" Citrus Biscuits

Fragrant biscuits with a pleasant taste of our citrus fruits.

"Il Biscottino" Mandarin Biscuits

"Il Biscottino" Mandarin Biscuits

Orange Biscuits "Il Biscottino"

Orange Biscuits "Il Biscottino"

"Il Biscottino" lemon biscuits

Biscotti al Limone

Gelèe Citrus candies gr. 200

Gelèe Citrus candies gr. 500