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Amaretti with citrus fruits 200 gr

Delicious macaroons with the taste of our citrus fruits

Citrus marmalade 350 gr

Homemade citrus jam from the island of Ischia

Mandarine jam 350 gr

Hand-crafted mandarin marmalade from the island of Ischia

Orange marmalade 350 gr

Homemade orange marmalade from the island of Ischia

Lemon jam 350 gr

Homemade lemon jam from the island of Ischia

Miele di acacia 250 gr

Prodotto di qualità superiore

Bacetto al limone

Crumbly biscuits linked together by delicious lemon chocolate

Amaretti with Citrus fruits gr. 200

Soft and delicate amaretti in the fresh taste of our citrus fruit

Lemon Chocolate Bacetto gr. 150

Friable biscuits bound together by delicious lemon chocolate.

Sugar crystals filled with limoncello 100 gr

Delicious sugar crystals filled with limoncello

Orange biscuits "Il Biscottino" 400 gr

Artisanal orange biscuits

Confetti covered with coconut chocolate "Perle d'Ischia"

Delicious almond confetti coated with coconut chocolate

Chocolates filled with rocket bitter "Perle d'Ischia"

Very good artisan chocolates filled with rocket amaro

Chocolates filled with limoncello "Perle d'Ischia"

Buonissime cioccolatini artigianali ripieni di limoncello