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Pistachio Cream 50 cl

Pistachio cream handcrafted with the best selected pistachios

Melon cream "Ischitane"

Exquisite and refreshing melon cream made by hand with the best selected melons

"Ischitane" limoncello cream

Exquisite limoncello cream produced with the best untreated lemons

Babà with Limoncello

Excellent and soft pastry babà infused in our limoncello. Serve cold.

Amarancio liqueur with oranges 50cl

Precious bitter obtained from the infusion of oranges from the island with a strong and intense flavor

Limoncello Limonì 50 cl

Limoncello Limonì 50 cl

Rucolì amaro di rucola selvatica from Ischia 50cl

Famous bitter wild rocket typical of the Island of Ischia 50 cl

Rum baba

Excellent and soft pastry baba infused in excellent rum. Serve cold.

Miele di acacia 500 gr

Prodotto di qualità superiore

Hard juicy citrus candies 500 gr

Mixed with a drop of orange or lemon juice inside

Juicy hard lemon candies 500 gr

With a drop of lemon juice inside

Limonose candies with citrus fruits 500 gr

Delicious citrus hard candies

Lemon Limonose Candies 500 gr

Delicious lemon hard candies

Hard candies with citrus slices 500 gr

Fine hard citrus clove candy

Hard candies lemon wedges 500 gr

Very fine hard lemon wedge candy

Le Morbidose fruit gelee candies 500 gr

Delicious fruit gelee candies from the island of Ischia

Gelèe candies with citrus fruits gr. 500

Delicious citrus-flavored gelee candies from the island of Ischia