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Melon cream "Ischitane"

Exquisite and refreshing melon cream made by hand with the best selected melons

Ischia Pistachio Cream 10 cl

"Ischitane" Pistachio Cream 70 cl

Pistachio cream 20 cl

Pistachio cream handcrafted with the best selected pistachios

"Ischitane" Peach Cream

Peach cream handcrafted with the best selected peaches

Marenero with liquorice 10cl

Artisan liquorice liqueur

Marenero alla liquirizia 20cl

Liquore artigianale di liquirizia

Amaretti with citrus fruits 200 gr

Delicious macaroons with the taste of our citrus fruits

Aromatic Preparation for Ischitana Rabbit

Aromatic Preparation for Ischitana Rabbit

Amarancio liqueur with oranges 50cl

Precious bitter obtained from the infusion of oranges from the island with a strong and intense flavor

Prepared for Garlic Oil & Chilli

100% pure preparation to season your dishes

Offer 2x Garlic Oil & Chilli

Offer 3x Garlic Oil & Chilli

Amaro Pucchiacchella 70cl

Precious liqueur made from the infusion of wild Portulaca herb

Flavorings for fish gr. 100

Artisanal preparation to season your dishes. 100% pure

Offer 2x Flavors for potatoes 100 gr

100% pure artisan preparation to flavor your dishes